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Live Surgery를 위해서는 두 개의 HD 동영상을 실시간 Dual Stream 할 수 있는 CODEC 장비를 필요로
하며 유비트론㈜이 독점 대리점인 KEDACOM의 CODEC 장비에는 수술용 카메라의 영상을 직접 전송 할
수 있는 I / O 단자를 갖추고 있습니다.

1. SD-SDI (Standard Definition ) video (at 10 bit bus) bit rate is 270 Mbps (for 16:9 resolution video image,
    the video bit rate must be more than 360Mbps)

2. HD-SDI is a broadcast level high-definition digital input and output port, the role which is equivalent of the
    consumer level of HDMI. Single HD-SDI can transfer digital video signal of up to 1485Mbps.
    Maximum transmission of 6 channel can be sent with a capacity of 890,000 Gbps data transmission Long
    distance transmission:HD-SDI can transmit 100 meters of signal without any disturbances,which will in
    terms make HD-SDI the perfect video interface for big and broadcasting standard conference usage