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In the current video surveillance market, intellectual solution based on video recognition accounts for less than 5%, which is utilized at only a small minority companies with technological prowess,
Its applied devices’ combination is at an outstanding level, however, the important technical skills such as video abstract technique is vulnerable and the business is concentrated on large scale storage and net construction. This leads to the reality where companies have to continuously use low-definition cameras.

Though this is the field where more than 30% increase is seen since 2010, there are technical limits due to the system design still relying on CCTV/DVR video surveillance and the introduction period is unfixed as there are problems to provide next generation intellectual solution such as introducing costs which lead to cost rise and market competitiveness, it is analyzed that it will have a profound ripple effect in the future market.

Also the intellectual solution, which only minor video surveillance business is providing currently, the technique will be an indispensable substance in the video surveillance market along with being the very positive driving force for growth considering more than 90% of the businesses must be using it in the next 5 years.