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The solution is suitable for big stores where employees work in different locations and experience difficulties managing the
    orders, or any offline stores that need to run efficiently with a small number of employees. All the functions that are processed in
    real-time will be transmitted to data linked to the Master POS within the local system, and it can boost work efficiency.
    (Order processing status updates are displayed on screen or printed out)

The solution can recognize regular customers with repeat orders, and, if required, additional adjustment of accounts will be
    processed through NFC or RF mode interface.

All types of order features are available, and there are two ways; by installing Master POS in the local business premises as an
    Endpoint or by interlocking the order terminals directly to the server.

The order terminals come in different types of OS and devices (wired and wireless) and it is designed to provide a user-friendly
    interface that even a first time user can easily follow.

Businesses in need of a number of different accounting adjustments can use a variety of internet-based solutions at a
    comparatively small expense without having to acquire additional POS devices.

The solution ensures that sales and stock status reports uploaded on the server are safely processed in Ubitron’s database server to
    ease the management’s work.

Directors can access the management system, such as sales and customer data, on the internet, anytime and anywhere. This
    helps them analyze their business and have a clear view on the marketing plan.

Web-based solutions provide a convenient and efficient infrastructure even for those who cannot afford large scale investment in
    information technology.