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Provide tools to place and develop images, videos, text and flash
Provide independent and cost effective NAS Network servers when building large systems. Stability is a top priority.
Tools provide design and production that can be expanded infinitely, Virus Free, and is a system that is easy to manage and control.
Integrated solutions for video, photo, and text file creation are infinitely scalable. Schedules can be managed remotely.
ZONE management’s commitment to the group as an NAS Client base consists of 50 to 100 possible solutions, assuring a stable operation.
Efficient operation and management can expand the systems even without the burden of the expansion of the central server group
Display content, high definition video on multiple separate images can be produced without the loss of quality of original content.
We provide a solution to control the MDC control function and content at the same time, freely, anytime and anywhere.
Client /server or Web-based access methods enable an approachable user interface