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Future housing trends have an eco-friendly theme. (low carbon green growth)
Meeting the recent trend of focusing on environmental and design themed well-being apartment construction techniques, this is a high dimensional and practical well-being theme, where you can gain comfort and eco-friendliness.
While responding to the governments’ low carbon policy, it has actualized reducing social expenses by satisfying the need to develop well-being theme to a higher level and by introducing the system where you can actively manage your health.
Ubiquitous IT technology and medical technology, which allows people to have a health check through U-Healthcare server system provided in the apartment complex anytime without having to go to the hospital, are grafted together.

The change in health consciousness of the prime-aged (the quality of life begins from health)
People are concerned about their health and want to improve their quality of life but often cannot find time to see a doctor so they rely only on the treatment they receive when they have to visit the doctors.
There is a need to engrave the premium apartments’ image where the doctors check the body everyday through the remote doctor service system , to develop the apartments where the early prevention through practical health management, to develop items which elicit the interest of the futuristic apartment, to the prime-aged who have many concerns about their health.

We need to respond to an aging society which shows an increase in chronic illnesses.
The senior population has increased by 75.6% over the last 10 years. The rapidly aging society will involve long-term care for the elderly who might have health problems such as dementia and strokes. Not only is society aging rapidly, but there are more senior citizens living alone. Provisions need to be made for this demographic.