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Paradigm shift in value positioning

Green  environment with eco-friendly,
   virtual collaboration.
Stricter global regulation of carbon emissions

Both horizontal and vertical communication.
Changing values of individual-centered communication will
   impact national unity
Changes in collaboration highlights the importance of two-
   dimensional communication

Sustainability with efficiency
Small but strong and effective management in public
   enterprises pursue efficiency
Real-time sharing and exchange of knowledge works to make
   changes in a cost-effective way

 UBITRON HD Video Conference Equipment lets you hold a conference and avoid travel with a better meeting, resulting in improving user productivity and relationship between people in distant locations.

Video conference system provides the following anytime, anywhere and to anyone.
The best full HD video image
The optimized video conference solution
The top voice quality
Maximized corporate image
Optimized document based conference software constructed
Reduced time and cost

CODEC ( FULL HD Video conferencing ) KDV7920/7820 High Definition Videoconferencing Terminals
( Videoconferencing only CAMERA )
TrueVixon HD85D/ TrueVixon HD90D Conference Camera
( Conference video equipment store and live streaming)
Live Recorder and Online-Broadcasting Server
MCU ( Multilateral meetings connected device ) Multi Point Control Unit