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Key Customers

≫ Box Camera(UT231-FN): 160 sets
≫ IR Speed Dome(UT422-S23): 66 sets
Ministry of Public Safety and Security
The Ministry deployed an end-to end solution comprising IP cameras together with an integrated back-end system. The cameras were strategically deployed at and around the Ministry’s building. The quality of the footage captured by these cameras was uncompromising as all essential details were clearly visible during both day and night time. Further, the vicinity monitored by these cameras was divided into several zones and assigned observation rights to these to various staff based on their security access level. This meant that the system allowed for division of video monitoring tasks which could be conducted from a central location. As a result the quality and response time of the overall operation improved.

≫ IR Speed Dome(UT422-S23): 455 sets
≫ Tracking System: 53 sets
≫ Laser PTZ Camera (UT522-S33) : 246 sets
Turkish Army Border
The cameras deployed were astute in terms of video acquisition and the transmission of these to central command center (CCC). They also have built-in laser and Starlight technologies that enable them to capture extraordinary quality videos during both day and night conditions from kilometers away. The system supports RAID technology that ensures integrity of stored data and it also comes with very large storage capacity. And with its video summary capability, footages which take hours to review on a conventional system take just a few minutes with this Ubitron intelligent system. The salient features of this stable system are N+1 redundancy that enables it to function continuously in case of hardware failure, a large fine pixel-pitch TV Wall which allows concerned staff to observe details simultaneously and a robust VMS that makes for the efficient management of the entire system. Using this designated professional video solution, the Turkish army can gain comprehensive situational awareness of areas where this system is deployed by getting high quality video, live view these on centrally located TV walls and record these in the system.

≫ Tracking System: 86 sets
Singapore PUB
Several Recognitive Tracking System (RTS) units have been deployed at strategic locations throughout the country. With each unit of the system, now PUB can efficiently and in HD quality monitor a space of up to 10,000 m? dramatically reducing their cost per coverage area. The Ubitron RTS has enabled them to monitor all the venues where the system is present from a central location thus logistically simplifying their command and control center operations. Since the system can be fully automated, it has further helped to reduce manpower dependence for their monitoring activities while simultaneously mitigating human operational errors.

≫ Laser PTZ Camera (UT522-S33) : 107 sets
Fire Control Center
The PTZ Cameras enable these four 119 fire and rescue HQs to view seamless, high quality videos in color during both day and night conditions. The VMS allows them to remotely monitor the exact location of, and live view videos from, each response vehicle while the same can be stored safely on the IP SAN. This integrated, versatile solution has allowed the four 119 fire and Rescue regional HQs to acutely keep abreast of live events as experienced by field personnel and has helped to further enhance their operations.

≫ IR Speed Dome(UT422-S23): 135 sets
≫ Tracking System: 36 sets
≫ Box Camera(UT231-FN): 86 sets
Korea Power Plant
UBITRON supplied Unattended Monitoring System which can diagnose the signs of system abnormalities at the most important Government Facilities which nable to transmit the remote video and control signals.

≫ IR Speed Dome(UT422-S23): 1430 sets
≫ Tracking System: 255 sets
≫ Laser PTZ Camera (UT522-S33) : 43 sets
Korea Army
Ubitron Supplied conventional VTC solution to the Command Center of R.O.K Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Product Supplied
1. Multipoint Video Conference and Video Surveillance System
2. Unifiled Video based Control System ( Developed by UBITRON )

[R.O.K Joint Chiefs and Staff]
The main function is to support and assists the Minister of National Defense on military command and supervises each Service's combat operations forces upon receiving order from the Minister of National Defense as well as execute joint and combined operations via commanding and supervising joint forces.