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Company Information

Company Name UBITRON CO.,LTD.
Business Area Manufacturing Solution Products Integrated Intelligent Video Solution
Established Oct. 25,2009
Address (H.Q) Gang won Technopark # 204,205, Singukro 61-14, Chuncheon-City Gangwon Province, Korea
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Contact Information Tel : +82-31-386-3140,
Fax : +82-31-388-3140
UBITRON, the name stands for Ubiquitous Electronics established in 2009 in order to enter into Video Solution Industry and ITC Business fields where we are creating new value as a solution manufacturer for Governments.
With the help of abundant direct sales reference and experiences to Gov. market, we also experienced the realistic requirement in the project as a SI.
Our core technology is consisted of stable embedded hardware and dedicated intelligent S/W solution for Video Analytic and Service Integration as a sustainable solution that covers the business area of environment, education, public safety, smart energy plant and also disaster control.
We really wish to propose you to support your potential projects which is tangible and measurable impacts in IoT and CPS. Generally saying that we do Video management and Linkage controls, in behind, there's much powerful service functions which is Video Analytic and Synopsis that enable you to deploy the solution to every Industrial market fields as a Central Service Platform such as the applications of Power plant, Military, Education, Medical and Public Area.
We will constantly provide you the practical value to your SI Project by the means of "the real End to End Solution" that prove you future satisfaction and success.